A Happy Ending for Brody and Sadie…
Thursday, Aug 31,2006

This happy ending is for Brody (Kris) and Sadie (Lexie) that we adopted four months ago and needless to say there has not been a dull moment since. They both get along very well and Brody is very tolerant of the younger Sadie. They have made themselves quite at home and have selected their own unique sleeping space, Brody stretches out on the couch and Sadie loves to sleep under the kitchen table, however when not occupied they get on our bed together. We just love these dogs and it seems that no matter what they do we can’t get too upset with them because at the same time it is hilarious, we do however try to instill house rules. One time Brody welcomed the groceries home and with great stealth stole a pack of steaks and quickly devoured them. Needless to say food items are not left unattended. We are sure these two wonderful dogs still can’t believe their good fortune. Each day brings us all closer together and anytime we go out and return we are greeted with great enthusiasm. Can you tell by the pictures how spoiled they are?