A Message From Sage
Wednesday, Mar 18,2015

On behalf of Sage to everyone at GSROC:

I wanted to tell all my friends at GSROC that I love my Furever home. Everyday in the morning and again in the afternoon my Alpha daddy takes me for a nice long walk. We also go on runs every other day and I help pace my alpha daddy. He’s almost ready for Baker to Vegas. With my coaching of course. When I get back from my exercise I have a big bowl of food waiting for me. So yummy I also have three lil litter mates. My alpha daddy calls them the kids. Whatever. Anyway we play in the backyard and
They always give me big squeezes and I of course have to clean their faces. They don’t like that much. But I have my standards. I also keep an eye on them and I’ve made it clear to all strangers that this is my pack and I mean business.

I would like to thank all my friends and rescue heros at GSROC. If it wasn’t for you I would have never found my new pack and true happiness. I love you all and promise to stop by and say hi at an adoption event.

Ps. Not sure about these cats but its clear we are all going to have to get along. Yuk.