Abbie Has Found Her Spot…
Thursday, Aug 31,2006

I can’t thank you enough for everything! Abby really enjoys her newfound forever home. I’m glad that she had a chance to familiarize herself with the house yesterday and leave her “mark” in the yard. When we got home she instantly remembered how much fun she had last night, and was eager to resume playing where she left off. She took her medicine with her dinner, and is gulping down water from her new bowl every chance she gets.

Abby really seems to have found her place in the yard. I gave her one of the rawhide bones I got her and she instantly ran off to the shade, under the tree behind the fountain. She didn’t move for an hour until it was time to get a drink from her new water bowl! She seems to enjoy dropping her bone and squeaky duck toy in the water and fishing it back out, only to retreat with it to her spot under the tree! When it was time for me to try out the new brush I got her, she thought she died and went to heaven, rolling around the lawn with the happy dog look on her face.

We just got back from a nice long walk around the neighborhood and park. Even with lots of other dogs barking and yelping ther was not a peep out of Abby. She just wanted to keep on walking. On the way back as we entered my cul-de-sac she wanted to lead the way and show me that she knows which house is hers. I’ll be sure to give you regular updates and start taking lots of pictures!