Abby And Her New Family
Monday, Sep 08,2008

Abby’s had a good week with us, I am so glad I did not go to work at all. It’s been fun for me to have alone time with her to get to know each other. She whined and wandered the house when the kids were at school; clearly I’m too boring for her. She pees on command now when we take her to the dog run and say “Abby go potty”. NO accidents at all, such a good girl. The kids give her LOTS of attention; sometimes too much I think. Abby does a good job of leaving the room for peace. She’s even started playing tug-of-war with Heather. Abby’s so fabulous on walks, she now sits every time we stop walking. We shall see how this week goes, I will be at work a few days so we’ll see how she does in her crate for a little while.