Abby II And Her New Family
Tuesday, Oct 23,2007

We adopted Abby II almost three weeks ago and she is doing very well. We really liked the name, so we have named her Abigail, (Abby or Dear Abby, for short). She is a very sweet girl and really wants to please. I work every morning with her on her training before I leave for work and she can heel, sit, lie down, wait at the threshhold of our door or driveway and stay for about 10 yards, pretty good for only three weeks! I am doing a combination of clicker training and leash training and she is so smart! She gets along very well with our 7 year old male GS mix, Lucas, and they play together happily in the backyard. She loved her first bath and she loves to snuggle on the bed while we read or watch TV. Thanks so much for all that you do and for rescuing this sweet, beatutiful dog.