Ace Is Bonding With His New Family
Sunday, Jan 09,2011

We are building a good bond with Ace. His anxiety level went down dramatically after just a day or two. He sleeps very well in a Giant dog crate at night. He wouldn’t need it other than we want it to be a safe place for when we work on gradually leaving him with Holle later. He has only jumped up on Richard once in excitement and then quickly got down. He wakes up happy to see us and is wonderful. He is beginning to come when we call his name and sometimes responds better than Holle does. I took both dogs for a walk the other morning since Richard couldn’t go. On the way home, I left both dogs in the car just to run in the grocery store for one item. I wanted to see how he would do. He was great. We tried it another day to go in the small local pet store and again he was great. He has already stopped racing to the door every time one of us goes out. He is everything we wanted in a German shepherd and more. Richard is delighted to have a dog that enjoys going for a walk with him.