Ace Loves His Active Life!
Tuesday, Feb 01,2011

Ace is doing great. We both adore him but he has definitely adopted Richard as his main person. Ace is the first dog that Richard has really felt comfortable walking and they have bonded very quickly. If I take Ace outside, he can’t wait to get back in the house and check on Richard. Our dogs have always been our dogs or my dog but Richard tells everyone that Ace is his dog.

It was low tide early in the morning on Monday and Tuesday so we took the two dogs to the beach. We were the only ones at the beach so we took them off leash. Ace stayed close to us and came every time he was called. He wasn’t so sure about the water. Holle loves water and the beach is her favorite place but we have to go early when no one else is there because she isn’t always good around dogs we don’t know. She always goes in the water. By the end of the first day, Ace got up the courage to chase Holle into a couple of inches of water when the waves started to recede. He would run back up the sand when another wave came in but at least he got his feet wet. He also enjoyed exploring around the base of the cliffs. We took them to trail one at San Onofre State Beach since dogs are allowed on the beach.

We gave Ace a big hug for you. We are so glad you rescued him and that he is now living with us.