Adam And His Best Buddy
Sunday, Feb 22,2009

We adopted Buddy (Donner) about 9 months ago and he is a true joy. He is doing well and has put on almost 10 pounds. He is very gentle and we sometimes take him to doggy day care where he really has a great time playing with the other dogs. He has become a celebrity around our neighborhood and when we are out walking, neighbors will call out to him from their balcony or come over to pet him. One neighbor comes over to see him and says she needs to have her “Buddy fix” for the day.

He has such a sweet disposition (our vet said that Buddy does not have a mean bone in his body!!) and has become a real buddy to the whole family. We hope that all of the dogs will find good homes in the coming year and special thanks to German Shepherd Rescue of OC.