Addison (Formerly Adelaide), All Zonked Out!
Saturday, Aug 09,2014

Playful pup….zonked pup after a walk and adventure puppy on an outting…. She is a rock-star and I am thrilled to death to have her! Daniel and the girls are crazy in love with her and she gets along with their dogs! (Kitty not so much but we expected that)

She keeps me on my toes with her antics but she is soooo smart! I am sure if I had to leave her all day every day the report would be different because this little girl can think of more ways to get into things then should be legal but with being retired I have been able to head off the bad habits and keep her busy and engaged.

She sleeps in a closed kennel until my confidence level in leaving her un-supervised improves. She hasn’t had an accident in the house and She loves her walks! we have taken daily outtings (petco home depot lazy dog) etc and she travels very well! Meets new people & animals well. I was used to folks crossing the street with my big guy and find they still do the same with her but there is no sign of aggressiveness so maybe my neighbors will see the light!

I know that she was meant to be my fur-person as that is the only explanation for others passing her by for adoption.

They have no idea what they missed! My luck!
Thanks for your help and support!