Adorable Max
Thursday, Feb 15,2007

We adopted Max (GSR Name Quinby) last April. He has been a great addition to our family. I am so thankful to GSROC for being there to rescued him. When we got him he was 5 months old, now he is 14 months old. 42 lbs when we adopted, he is now 84 lbs. When we adopted him his back legs were still growing and he looked a little pigeon toed, but his legs are now stronger than ever and look great. He is sweet, charming, handsome and playful. Our 2 yr old Shepherd, April, and Max get along so good. They enjoy each others company. Richard and I take them to the park, dog beach, and walks. They love going on car rides, Max is always the first to jump in the Durango. Max loves to play frisbee, he actually leaps in the air to catch it. He can play frisbee until he drops if we let him. We call April lightning and Max thunder, if you saw them run together you would understand, she is light and her feet and you can almost feel the ground rumble when Max runs. I could go on forever about Max and April, but I will close for now. I am attaching a picture of him for your enjoyment. He is the Shepherd up close. Isn’t he adorable?!