Alex And Kara Update
Thursday, Dec 20,2007

I keep meaning to take pictures of the dogs, so today I finally got around to it.

Alex is probably about three, we don’t know for sure. He is a very sweet and well-behaved dog — one of those dogs that you can’t imagine what would possess someone to give him to a rescue. He has never done a single naughty thing.

We got Kara when she was just a baby, and she’s a year old this month. She has never stopped doing naughty things. She is so smart it’s kind of freaky. It was harder to take her picture because she won’t stand still for a second.

And for my World of Warcraft friends — no, Kara is not named for the raid dungeon. Sheesh. That would be soooo geeky. She is named after a character on Battlestar Galactica. OK, that’s still pretty geeky. Whatever.