Alma Is Enjoying Her New Adventures!
Saturday, Sep 12,2009

Alma is doing great! She has made herself right at home, chosing her spots to hang out. She loves watching the Bridle trail, especially when dogs go by. Even better, walks on the bridle trail! We took a trip to Mammoth over the weekend. She did great in the car for the whole trip – 5 plus hours! And she loved going for walks in the woods and by the creek and lake. Not really into swimming but up to the knees was fun.

We learned that she likes stuffed toys. She found my supply of stuffed animals and picked out a parrot and brought it to me, although she didn’t really want to give it back! She now has a doggie safe stuffed toy and my toys are put away! She looks so mean in the pix with the toy but she is so playful, I think she was hamming for the camera.

I attached a few photos so you can see what she is up to! We are so happy to have Alma. Thank you so much for the help getting us together! Everyone at GRSOC has been SO helpful!