Alum Maverick Loves The Water!
Friday, Jul 25,2014

Mav is still timid, and we know that he probably always will be, but he does show signs of improvement constantly. We always feel a great sense of pride when we see him snuggling up to a new person on the couch! The greatest thing is that we rarely see what we call his “worried look” or “anxious look”. It was always so heartbreaking (and still is) to see him so scared of things. I’m happy to report its not a look you see on his face very often any more! As far as our kitty-cat Roger, she and Maverick are still not snuggle buddies but they like to play with each other, Maverick nudges her with his nose, and Rog will reach out to lightly swat or touch Maverick. they are a cute little couple! Thank you as always for all you guys do.