Alum Max At The Doggie Cross
Saturday, Nov 30,2013

We were out with Max (GSROC alum March 2010) today to run in the Doggie Cross fundraiser for GSROC at the So Cal Prestige Series cyclocross races. To show everyone we meant business, Max and I put on jerseys from my cycling team and we fit right in with some of the other canine racers wearing kit from rival teams. It was an exciting race and we ended up taking third place behind a yellow lab, in second, and a long legged brown dog in first. Max definitely had the speed to win it all but we started the sprint for the line too late, missing second by a nose. The Dog racers were definitely faster than their partners – Max gave me a couple looks during the race that seemed to scream, “get moving you boat anchor!” In fact, the winning dog crossed the line alone after his fading partner threw down his end of the leash…a likely rules violation but since every racer got the same bag of treats, Max decided not to protest. Max, his mom Jeanne and I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with the GSROC crew and digging into Max’s winnings! Enclosed are photos taken by my wife and Max’s mom Jeanne of Max on the podium and us at the GSROC booth. Thanks for all the work you do, the lives you save and the families you enrich in the process.