Alum Yukon! (Formerly Oreo)
Saturday, Oct 11,2014

I adopted a male GSD named Oreo from GSROC in July 2007, at the time he was recovering from an extreme case of demodectic mange. It took several years to finally beat the mange – he had chronic recurrences for a long time, and his skin is still very prone to all kinds of irritation – but you can see how thick and shiny his coat is now. He’s been living with me and his border collie sister Blue for over 7 years and is doing really well (except for a run-in with a raccoon). He spent 2010 with me on sabbatical in Idaho and discovered his favorite thing – snow! At 8-9, he’s incredibly athletic, loves to run and steal toys from Blue, an is just an all-around big, happy doofus.

Thanks for all you do for the dogs!