Amber A Natural At Gardening
Tuesday, Dec 19,2006

We feel really lucky to have Amber. She is such a good natured dog!

She is all puppy and enjoys finding new things to play with. I think the most amusing was the time I heard several thumps and went to check on her. She was playing slinky with our coiled hose by stretching it all the way across the patio and then letting go. She has also proven to be quite “helpful” by trimming our bushes for us and picking our camellias when they bloom.

Sometimes we think we should get her a playmate, but we aren’t sure about that yet. It would be quite a zoo when we take care of our daughter’s dogs or she takes care of ours. If we do decide to, we’ll be sure to check on GSR’s available dogs. I have to admit I do that anyway. It is always fun to see who is new – and touching to see them show up on the adopted dogs section.