An Homage To A Faithful Friend
Thursday, Apr 17,2008

These are some photos I wanted to share. No one ever believed that Charlie was ill since he looked and acted so happy & healthy. He left us a week after Easter. On the Fri before when I left for work I gave him his raw marrow bone and he was busy digging into it when I left. He even ate his dinner on his last night. Just by chance on Charlie’s last day I had a special luncheon with 4 friends over and they had all pet sit Charlie at some time for me. I thought it was wonderful that they got to see him that day. Everyone that knew him adored him! One of my girlfriends came over almost every weekend to go for a walk with us. She was convinced that he was the most beautiful German Shepherd ever born & she felt special just to walk with us! So many people have shed tears at losing him.