An Update On Zoey
Friday, Aug 13,2010

Zoey (formerly Pita) has been wonderful – more than i imagined. She is soooo loving with the kids and I can tell Sydney, my 7 year old, is going to be her best pal. She has not been away from Zoey’s side and is even great with “training her” and taking control. It’s pretty funny!

On the car ride from 2nd Chance, I was surprised that Zoey fell asleep in the back of my SUV!! i figured she was feeling comfortable already! She didn’t pace or try to jump over. When we got her home, we showed her around and played alot in the backyard at first. she has the best personality. she did a few circles around our yard releasing some pent up energy, jumping at her toys and biting the grass! once we took her inside, we showed her her bed and within an hour of that she was going over to it without commands and lying down comfortably. Of course, her favorite place right now is next to me everywhere i go! 🙂

She seems so smart and just wants to please. All i have to say is “no” once and she listens! She has tried putting paws on the couch several times and I give her a firm “no” and push to the ground. She returns with kisses back! She slept perfectly in her crate and did not make a peep.

All said, we adore her!! She is so fun, playful and loving. 🙂