Angel In Her Forever Home
Monday, Nov 20,2006

My husband and I adopted Angel earlier this year, just after we had lost our 11-year old German shepherd, Lancer, who we had as a member of our “pack” since he was six months old. Angel is approximately eight years old, and we chose her because we are “senior citizens” and thought it would be appropriate for us to get an older dog.

She was brought to us on March 12, 2006; and as soon as Angel arrived at our house, she jumped on the sofa and made herself comfortable. This was just fine as we have always shared the sofa with our dog(s). She now weighs 88# and loves to have her ears scratched, not to mention her back, neck and tummy! She also likes to bring in the newspaper every morning.

We are so happy to have her. She is very smart and learned quickly to use the doggie door. She has fit into our lifestyle better than we expected! We are so pleased that we have Angel to share our lives with, and we thank the OC German Shepherd Rescue organization for rescuing her.