Anna Is Right At Home
Sunday, Apr 10,2011

My family and I are so happy to have her. She has fit right in here in our house. We opted to change her name from Whisper is now Anna.

She has such a pleasant and gentle demeanor, she goes from playful puppy to contented foot warmer in one endearing heartbeat. We just went down for our first beach day last Wednesday! Anna seemed to love the smells of the sand and seaweed, the plants and salt water. In town we went to a couple of surf shops and the Three Dog Bakery. Everybody commented on how sweet and gentle she was. They all marveled at how calm she was despite the fact that she has not yet had any formal training (which we are looking to fix).

I also have had the chance to tell a number of people about the wonderful work you all do at the GSROC and Annie has been a great ambassador for your rescue. Everyone I’ve spoken with wants a dog just like her, and we feel very fortunate to have her as our family member. I need to thank you again for helping me to process our application, arrange our house visit and taking the time for us to all meet Anna in the timely, expedited manner that you did. I feel like you really heard me, and understood me when I had said that I felt like she was the right dog for me. And she is.

Thank you again for you continued interest in our Annie!