Another dog to our pack?? Are you insane?!…
Wednesday, Mar 08,2006

When my husband told me he wanted to add a German Shepherd to our pack, I thought he was insane. Another dog? We already had three dogs, and three kids. But I knew he HAD to have one, and decided we should get one from a rescue, since there are so many GSD’s in need of homes.

I cannot express how much we all love our Zeus (formerly Bauer)! He is such a wonderful addition to our pack, and our family! He blended right in with my other three dogs in a matter of weeks, and he is so gentle and caring with our children, even at 110 lbs.! We just had our fourth child, and Zeus has already claimed her for himself. When she sits in her swing, he wedges himself underneath it to sleep to make it stop moving. He practically gives her a bath with his kisses, but she is learning to love him as much as we all do.

Thank you GSROC for rescuing Zeus, and letting us provide him with his forever home and family!