Baby Is Babied In Her New Home
Tuesday, Apr 22,2008

Baby is a wonderful dog and has adjusted beautifully to her new home. She gets along with my two cats, granddaughter and other dog. Baby had to let my other dog Emmy Lou know not to eat her food or touch her toys. I think Emmy got the
message loud and clear. They lay next to each other while in my computer room awaiting my next move. Baby still follows me wherever I go (maybe Shadow who have been a better name) I would never change her name because she has been through too many already. Besides “Baby” really fits her. You should see her give little kisses to my 18month old granddaughter, she is so gentle. At bedtime it takes me a few minutes to hug and kiss each of my animals (children) goodnight. They are all in my bedroom with me. I sleep very soundly with all
the surrounding love and protection I have beside me.

Well, again, I want to thank you for permitting me to adopt Baby…please keep up the wonderful service…others need to be as lucky as me. I think Baby would agree.