Beau Our Southern Gentleman from New Orleans
Thursday, Mar 30,2006

We changed his name slightly, as he is our “Southern Gentleman from New Orleans”, so we call him “Beau” (although he is still working on his manners).

Beau is very playful, has an incredible sense of humor, loves playing with children, other dogs, and plays fetch really well, too. He gets along great with our other dog, Huey, a black lab, and they wear each other out. Beau travels well and has made several trips out of state (to visit our oldest in college–she loves having Beau visit, as do the other students!) staying in hotels like a champ. He goes everywhere we go in the car, and as soon as he hears the car start, he heads for “his spot” in the car. He loves his daily walks to get the girls from school, and to the park, where he gets to play with the other dogs. He does tend to chew on everything; we have provided him with many toys, so he now knows the difference. The only problem is that our house now resembles a day care center–the only difference being the toys all over the floor and in the toy box are dog toys, not children’s toys [smile]. Beau has a large cardboard box where we keep his toys and he knows to go there and get a toy when he needs one. But, by the end of the day, all of the toys are out of the box and all over the house…he hasn’t learned to put them away yet–we’re working on that.

Bottom line is that we love Beau, and he seems to love us and is very happy here, so the adoption for all of us was an extremely positive, happy experience! Thank you again.