Bella Is Home
Sunday, Oct 10,2010

We love our new pup! We renamed Montana to Bella. My family—all 14 of us—helped pick out a new name for her this last Sunday. Her trip down was a lot of fun as she was a big hit w/ everyone. Bella even “told” us when she had to go potty. We left her to chew on her rawhide in the center of the living room so that we could visit w/ family in my parents’ room; Bella came in to tell us by walking in and out of the room that she had to go.

She’s settling down nicely. I took her for a run today around a reservoir near our place to get her used to running on a leash, and she did great. She’s currently sacked out in her crate while I write this.

Bella’s got a great temperament and we couldn’t have gotten a nicer puppy! Thank you for assisting us in finding the right dog for our family. Thanks again for all your efforts in finding a home for Bella. She’s now home.