Bella, Tallie And Bixby Are Getting Used To Each Other!
Friday, Mar 19,2010

I”ve attached a picture of Tallie AKA Tilly. She and the cat are learning to get along. I think she is afraid of the cat and the cat has smacked her a couple times. Although as can be seen in the picture,they are capable of being together and not harassing each other.

She is learning to play with Bella–she was a little too rough with Bella initially but has learned not to be so rough quickly. She has been in the pool four times. She just gets in goes down the steps and gets out–no swimming yet.

She was very hyper and anxious yesterday,but today, she is much calmer.

She eats as though she was starving to death–maybe part of the hyperness. She is having lots of fun with toys and rawhide chews.

She got so stressed when I tried to crate her that I put her in the garage instead when I went out. I even put treats in there for her and that still did not work.

Anyway,she is adjusting well