BellaLuna Is All About Play!
Friday, Jul 02,2010

Well it’s been 4 days and she’s just hilarious. Kate and Bella Luna (we are leaning more toward Luna as both kids are having a hard time with “Bella”) are like litter mates and play play play all day! Funniest story we have is that our old mama cat is ruling Bella Luna and the younger beastie Jezzie is acting like a scaredy cat! I can totally understand why someone who doesn’t have German Shepard experience would get frustrated with her. She’s an active over sized puppy and eats feet and anything else she can find. Not a big deal we kinda figured she’d need a couple weeks to get the idea she’s not going anywhere. She still won’t sleep for very long the minute you move she’s up and right by your side but again time will take care of that as well.

Here’s a picture that says it all!

Thanks again for all your support and help!