Ben’s Mom Gave Us A Good Update!
Monday, Oct 03,2011

We love Ben and so does Presley. We definitely picked the right dog for our pack.

I believe Ben has become very comfortable in our home. He comes stomping into the house when called, acting like some big dog & that our house is his place. His personality is really blooming here. I think the best thing for both Rodger & Ben was for them to be separated so that they could become balanced dogs.

We are starting to teach Ben to come when called, which he does about 90% of the time. We’ll be working on Sit next week. We found out he hates the plastic crate–he’s been carsick in it twice. He transferred some of his fear to our wire crate, where he sleeps in the bedroom. After being fed in it for a couple days, he got over it & will walk in on is own, thank goodness.

Presley has always tried to be the leader dog with us. Now, Ben follows her around everywhere. I think she is in heaven. It is funny to watch. I looked out the window to check on them outside. I see Ben with a big chunk of Pres’s neck in his mouth & he is pulling for all he’s worth. She’s just standing there holding her ground, waiting for him to stop. She’s a big sister type–they are going to be great pals.

Thank you for working with these puppies so much. I know from experience that when a human spends a lot of time socializing the pups at an early age, they make so much better companions. You did a wonderful job with Ben & we are very happy to have had the chance to adopt him. I hope Chloe & Rodger will find good homes.