Blaze’s New Toys In Her New Home
Tuesday, Sep 02,2008

Thank you to all that helped Blaze arrive at our home. We just love her. My husband can’t wait tell she gets up in the morning so he can play with her and my son can’t get home from school fast enough. We are just thrilled. When our 13 year old passed away in October I felt such an emptiness but now that is being filled by this beautiful young lady. To Debbi and John thank you for all of the advice and help with what we needed to do to have a puppy again. Especially thank you for coming to our house and helping us.You are both Blaze’s Angels. All of our friends that have come by to see her just love her. Anytime you two want to see her just call or drop by I am sure she would love to see you. Thank you again to all involved with her rescue and loving care. It took us 10 months to find another doggy but it was worth the wait.