Bonnie Says Happy Holidays!
Sunday, Jan 31,2010

It’s me Bonnie! I wanted to tell you that I am having so much fun with my family and their dachshund Tri-tip. Over the past few months, Tri-tip and I have become best friends. We love to sleep next to each other, play chase, and wrestle. I make sure to let him win though!! My mommy says I’m also doing great with their cats too. I’ve only chased one up a tree so far and now ignore them whenever one is in the room:) Whoever said shepherds and cats couldn’t be friends was surely wrong!

My mommy wants me to tell you that I have transformed from a scared, unconfident shepherd into the perfect dog! I no longer try to hide when I am around men or new people and stopped my submissive urination. I absolutely love little children and whenever my mom leaves the room I make sure I always have a watchful eye on her!

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you thank you SO much for putting me in a great home! You guys ROC!