Brandy’s Birthday Is The Same As Her Mom’s!!!
Monday, Sep 24,2007

Greetings to our friends at GSROC! Thought some of you might be interested in an update on Brandy Isabella. Last week we celebrated her (approximate) 2nd birthday on the same day as my birthday. (Our cake said ‘Happy Birthday Chris and Brandy’). She is such a pleasure to know and we love having her in our family. She’s a great traveler and loves her walks in the woods and at the lake when we go to Arrowhead. She impresses everyone she meets and we have referred quite a few interested people to GSROC. In August Brandy took obedience classes and of course I thought she was the best in the class, although I may be somewhat biased! We thank you again for the good work you do. Oh, by the way, we were happy to see Balou and his mom. I remember how much he and Brandy liked each other.