Bravo Waits For The Balls At The Pool!
Saturday, Jul 21,2012

Thought I’d send an update on Bravo (formerly Delgado) whom we adopted in January. Bravo is such a wonderful addition to our family and has found his way into everyone’s heart! Bravo (AKA Big Boy) is approx 16 months and now weighs 117 pounds. As well as being a big wonderful, handsome boy, he is very intelligent, eager to learn, patient, calm, quiet, gentle and likes everyone he meets – humans and animals alike! Bravo loves family vacations and is our constant travel companion! He is a good traveler and enjoys riding in the car, going on long hikes, running and swimming at dog beach, swimming in the pool and just hanging out with his family. The photos show Bravo enjoying the pool. Happy Summer to all the wonderful dedicated people at GSROC!