Buck Is My Best Friend
Monday, Nov 22,2010

It’s been awhile since I sent an update so I thought I’d let you know that Buck (Formerly Mark) and I are doing great!

I rescued Buck through GSROC in December of 2009. Buck’s pretty much over his former dog shyness and, while still a little ‘stand-off-ish’ with new dogs, often plays at the park with newfound friends. He is definitely the best trained dog I’ve ever owned. While I’m not supposed to, I often let him off leash in our early morning walks around the lake. There are few people around at that hour and those that are mostly all know him and don’t seem to mind.

Friends that meet Buck are amazed at how he sticks right by me and instantly does anything I ask, such as jump into the back of the SUV, or stay and wait for me if need be.

He’s also become a bit ‘territorial’ around the house and is a very typical Shepherd in that he barks ferociously when the door bell rings. He’s ‘all talk’ and not at all aggressive beyond the noise, but he would definitely give second thoughts to anyone who would like to come in while I wasn’t home. 😉

Buck has been introduced to my mountain cabin in Sequoia Nat’l Park and has become quite the ‘mountain dog’ running the trails as we hike and sniffing the pine trees.

Buck’s my best friend and I’m very grateful to you all for you part in getting us together.

Thanks for all you do to help German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County and all the rescue dogs.