Buddy Is An Angel
Saturday, Feb 27,2010

Buddy is going great. I absolutely adore him! He is very responsive to training – a bit excitable at times, but always eager to please, and I love that about him. We’ve been taking him to the dog park here in Santa Clarita 3 times a week and he is really in his element there. He moves so beautifully and he has a fan club everytime we go. I’ll have my daughter take video of him moving around at the dog park – you’ll really be proud of him.

He and DeeDee are best buddies and inseparable Buddy strongly dislikes baths, it takes an army to bathe him at the U-Wash.

He and the Ms Kittens have come to an agreement – he can pass when she allows it and he gets to chase her around the bedrooms first thing in the morning. It seems to work for them.

He gets a walk everyday and plays tug with the girls, although he’s gotten so strong, he just drags them across the floor when they have socks on.

I really could not have designed a more perfect dog for our family. He always greets us with a smile and he has bonded wonderfully with Hal – something that our other rescue dogs had a hard time doing. He is still a little more timid with males that females, but I see him coming out of that more and more every day.

He hasn’t met the horses yet, but I’m hoping in time with training, he’ll be able to accompany me on short rides. Right now, his attention span is too short and the come command is not as strong as it should be.

Sorry to gush about him, but we are so thankful to you for taking care of him so he could find us – I consider him an angel!