Buzz And Sweetie Each Bring Something Different!
Thursday, Jul 30,2009

Well, the end of our first official day and they are such a joy! They each bring something different to this family! Sweetie still looks like she is waiting for her family to come get her but she is eating, playing and sleeping well. She likes to lay down here by the front door and Buzz likes to follow us around more. He is the one we have to watch! His curiosity will get him in trouble! Buzz and Sweetie just love each other! Today Buzz stayed outside with half of the family while Sweetie was happy to come inside. They enjoy the backyard so we let them play there as well and they come to the door when they want to come in. I didn’t realize how much I missed ALL of the dog hair.

Thanks so much for listening to our needs and your patience in finding the right dogs. We expect great things from both of them for they are just amazing already! My husband is so thrilled with our choices. Every minute we spend with them makes us realize what a great choice we made. They are so well behaved and easily corrected. This honeymoon is going to last because we are going to keep up the hard work with both of them ( though Sweetie is really the most laid back easy going dog ever)..