Callie Thrives
Wednesday, May 30,2007

I adopted (or, shall I say, her picture and story adopted ME) in January of 2005. In case you don’t remember, Callie is the pup who was abandoned, hit by a car, survived in the wild for weeks with a multiple fracture to her right rear leg, was so frightened of people that she screamed in terror. Well, her foster Mom and incredible vet and staff worked wonders with Callie.

We just love each other! She has free roam of the house and yard. If I’m good, she lets me come in to watch TV (ha!). In the last 8 months, she has really turned a corner with other people. She is now trusting people besides me. She’s tentative at first, but then her true loving spirit shows.

The greatest thing I can tell you is: Once she was scared to death of humans. Then as she trusted she would be in the same room with people but skittish and afraid to be touched. After the first year, she was right by my side but not willing to let me touch her for more than a few moments. NOW she sleeps on my bed with me and cuddles.

I knew when I saw her story and pictures on line that I was supposed to be with her. My vet and staff constantly compliment me on how much she has changed and is so playful and trusting. She will always be a little anxious and tentative. But never mean. She teases me. She wags her tail with gusto. She protects me. She cares for and loves me. And I love her. With all my heart. I am so very deeply happy that she was rescued and cared for above and beyond by her foster Mom and vet. I am so happy for her that she is now in a loving, safe and trusting environment. I am happy that she is happy.

Often, at night, when we share deep gazes at one another I say to her in a soft and certain voice, “Callie…in this house….from the bottom of my heart….and by the Grace of God….you will never….ever….witness abuse again. You never need fear another person as long as I am around. You have my heart. And you’ve given me yours. And I will treasure this forever.”

Thank you GSROC. You saved another loving soul who is nearer to God than most humans.

Thank you!