Carly And Eli Love The Doggy Beach!
Sunday, Jul 15,2012

Just a quick note to let you know how Carly is doing. We did change her name from Carlotta to Carly. She is the sweetest pup ever. She is a quick learner. She has learned to sit on command and learning the command wait every time we cross the street on walks. She walks great with Eli. Always side by side. Next up is down and shake. Took her to dog beach today in Coranado. Eli loves to go and Carly had a great time also. Eli is our dog sitter as Carly does everything Eli does whether its swimming, chasing other dogs or just laying on the beach- she is never more than 5 feet from Eli. After 2 hours on the beach they slept the rest of the afternoon. She is getting more trusting everyday. She comes over to us slowly but is starting to respond better. She loves her chewies; always has one in her mouth. That’s the pup in her. Will keep you updated on her progress. I will say I have never seen two dogs bond like they have. Carly during the day will sleep with her head on Eli’s legs and Eli even puts his head across Carly’s butt.

Thanks for helping us pick such a sweet pup.