Casey Is A Fun-Loving Girl
Tuesday, Dec 08,2009

Vic and I wanted to update you on Casey (Lucy). She is really doing great – I took her in to be weighed Thursday and she weighs 64.5 lbs! We go for long walks and she enjoys those (a tired dog is a happy dog). She loves to chase her tennis balls or catch the frisbee.

We just got back from our Colorado River home and we took her in the boat for the first time. She just settled right in and laid down underneath the drivers feet. She was pretty curious but didn’t get too concerned about the boats or waves. We also took her down to the boat ramp and she loves to dance and prance in the water.We also let her “chase” water from the hose – she loves it!

I can’t believe she will be 1 next week. She continues to entertain us with her antics and curiosity. She follows us everywhere – our shadow we call her – and is so excited when we come home. I have attached a photo of her at the river today at the ramp. She’s a beauty!