Casey Is Living The Life!
Sunday, Apr 12,2009

Hi everybody at GSROC !!!

It’s me, Casey !!! You let my Mom and Dad adopt me about 10 years ago. Boy, did I give them a run for their money. I would totally freak out when they left, I even ate thru drywall. I kept trying to jump over the fence and even made it a few times. I growled at the neighbors and even chased the mailman.

My Mom and Dad said I was a part of this family and I had better learn some manners because I was here to stay. Well, with lots of love, patience and this guy who was something called a trainer, I learned to behave. My Mom and Dad always tell me how much they love me and what a wonderful girl I am…

My Mom and Dad wanted to let you know I’m a happy princess and am spoiled rotten. Here I am taking a nap on their bed (even though I have lots of my own, I like theirs best) My Mom said the reason my eyes are glowing is because it’s the happy glows of my heart shining thru.

Thanks GSROC for finding me such a great Mom and Dad !!!