Cassy Is Dearly Loved
Monday, Oct 27,2008


What can I say? It’s been a little over 2 months since I adopted Cassy and although we were off to a very rocky start after she bit a woman jogger on the street during a walk in her first week (which I have spoken to quite a few you for your advice), it’s been an extremely remarkable, rewarding, busy, educational & worthwhile journey thus far. When I adopted Cassy I had no idea just how much of an impact she would have in my life. After the troubling experience with the bite (which I will add was out of fear) I really understood how insecure and fearful this girl was and how much I needed professional help.

After days of numerous consultations via telephone and in-person I was lacking the confidence in myself and questioning whethe r or not I could continue giving a forever home with her, especially after on trainer austerely told me to put her down and many others telling me to trade her in for the next model, I finally found a professional who gave me insight and self-confidence that I could indeed help her!! I always knew, but needed a reminder that she was not an inanimate object that can be returned just because GSROC offers that as an option. I knew she had a questionable past that left her deeply scarred, insecure and fearful, but this behavior is not her fault in anyway and so many people think that. So many potential adopters go in thinking they’re going to save a homeless dog and get the “perfect” dog, but don’t seriously realize just how much work (and money for some) these dogs require. Some dogs may be easier cases, but a lot have issues that don’t just disappear with l, which is why they end up in shelters and many rescued by wonderful organizations like GSROC, but these issues don’t just disappear with love alone. Obviously I did NOT give her up—that was NOT an option. I made a commitment to her and I am very happy to report that she had been blossoming these past few weeks. Since I have been working with the professional I hired–Eric Dorfman–I have been spending a lot of private time (away from my 1.5 yr. old adolescent male) working with her.

She keeps me motivated and the results I am getting from her are wonderful—she is making baby steps. She has been getting a lot of exposure to everyday life, numerous sounds and stimuli and goes on many trips to pet stores and outdoor malls to get her more acclimated to people and everyday life. She is so intelligent and eager to please. I have learned and continue to learn so much from her and about myself as the days go by. She has helped make me a much calmer and more patient person. Her and Blade and Snowball (my cat) get along great!! Thank you so much GSROC for saving her and I am so Blessed that I found Cassy. I know I am making a difference in her life..she shows it every day!! I am so grateful for your support, Eric’s and my family.