Champ Is Learning From His Mentor
Sunday, Dec 28,2008

We wanted to update you on Champ (originally known as Dalton). It has only been a little more than two months since we brought him home. He was tiny and scared. He is one of the family now, he has two human sisters and one older german shephard sister. She’s been a wonderful teacher and occasionally shares her ball with him. He helps me wake the girls up every morning and is finally big enough to jump up on their bed by himself. He’s a bit of a pig, eating eveything at anytime. It makes training pretty easy and he’s very smart. He’s growing up so fast. It looks like he’s going to be a pretty big fella, we may have to nick name him “Hoss”.We’re entertained every day by his antics and enthusiasm. Thanks for making this possible.

Happy Holidays to everyone at GSROC.