Chance Is Our Hero!
Thursday, Jun 04,2009

I rescued Liam the lion hearted ( the bait dog). Now named Chance. I wanted to share this story with the Rescue. I’m emailing this to you because you because you helped me bring Chance home. We adopted Chance around the end of Sept. so we’ve had him about 8 mos now. First & foremost he is wonderful! But now he can add HERO to his name.

We leave our back door open at night to cool off the house and in case Chance needs to go out. Last night around 2am I heard him go flying outside and bark the most ferocious bark I’ve ever heard. After 10 secs. I went out to calm him down, thinking he saw a cat or something in our yard. A coyote had jumped into my neighbors yard and attacked their 10 year old miniature pincher. The coyote had her in its mouth until Chance went out barking and flinging himself against the chain link fence. The coyote got scared, dropped the min-pin and took off, jumping their fence. The dog is in the hospital recovering from a severe punctured neck. The Vet said Chance saved her life. If he hadn’t come out to protect his “property” the min-pin would have been gone. I am so proud of my dog my heart could explode.

Thank you again for helping us find each other, he is a valuable member of our family. Not to mention a true HERO!

If you would like to forward this on to anyone feel free……Rescue dogs are incredible!