Chelsea Finds Her Forever Home
Sunday, Jan 21,2007

I had been looking at the black lab Serenity who you said would not be a good 2nd dog and you suggested I check out Chelsea since she is a bit smaller than most shepherds…well it was love at first sight and I wanted to let you know she is thriving here with our 8 yr old daughter, 2 kitties and her cattledog brother Pepper who is 14 yrs old but has become a youngster again thanks to his playful puppyish sister Chelsea.

She is the most affectionate dog we have ever had and much more confident and secure now, we had her professionally trained although she still has and will probably always have some sort of “dog aggression” (but not too bad)….she must have had a tough puppyhood out in the wilderness… she is a very happy dog and very silly too, loves her toys and is the initiator of playtime.