Chelsea’s “Gotcha” Day – December 12th
Sunday, Dec 28,2008

Time flies. She has developed into quite the confident, rascally, counter-surfing little GSD. Loves everybody and every dog. Most of her friends are all big boy dogs–she is a little tomboy! Her color is “Coyote Sable”–my term as, because of her color and light build for a GSD, lots of folks think she is part Coyote! Sunny is her big sister, and, just like a little sister, she wants to do everything Sunny does. She is still bonded to Coby, as she was to your Tank. Coby is now completely blind, and altho’ he won’t admit it, is comforted by her presence–they curl up butt to butt or paws to paws–well, SHE does, and he does not move! She has her first agility trial this Saturday in Murrietta–it should be interesting—she is quite enthused about agility—been watching Sunny do it from the get-go and has been with us at all the trials—however she is a “babydog” in agility so anything can happen from doing a wonderful run to getting the “zoomies” or kissing the judge!