Chloe The Character
Tuesday, Apr 17,2007

Here are some pictures of Chloe, formerly “Jazzy”, whom I adopted on January 13th. I thought I would share them with you to show another happy ending!

She is such a character! After our evening one mile walk, she grabs one of her many toys and runs upstairs, jumps on my bed and back down the stairs just to start all over again!! She makes me laugh so much!!!

She follows me everywhere; upstairs, to the garage to check the laundry, out on the patio…anywhere to make sure she’s involved in what I am doing!

I’ve had her to 4 private obedience lessons with Sirius K9 Training. It’s a lot of work, but she is definitely improving on her walks! No more pulling or jumping up when we see someone coming towards us!

She sleeps on my bed at night, and is such a wonderful addition to my life!! Thank you so much for bringing us together!

Thank you again!!