Coach has been on the ski boat a few times now…
Thursday, Mar 09,2006

Coach is just such a good dog! When we’re eating dinner he lays there along with Brandi and behaves so well, he has never taken food off the table or counter. And believe me we have turned our backs on many slabs of ribs and steaks while Coach is right there. He has never had an accident in the house (and I’m sure that big xmas tree looked tempting) never chewed anything up and is sharing with Brandi now. Even his food! We’ve taken Coach a few times to Tahoe with us and he loves hiking in the snow. I think he likes Tahoe a lot because he can be off leash and play with all the big dogs on the block. He has been on the ski boat a few times now. I think he enjoys all the family get-togethers more than we do. And the camping trips that he goes on he gets plenty of time to play with the other big dogs in the extended family. Oh yeah, we give Coach a bath at Petsmart about every two weeks and he is so good he will climb right up the ramp and step right down into the tub – no problem at all. You would never know he was afraid of water. But boy, turn on the hose in the back yard and he’s like lightning, he will run into to the house or into the dog run.

I hope you have no doubt in your heart that you put Coach in just the right family. He is for sure a part of our family and it just wouldn’t be the same without him here.