Come Out And Play Ellie!
Monday, May 11,2009

I wanted to check in to let you know how I’m doing. I really like my new home. We go hiking and for tons of rides in the car. When we go on our daily walks, we always see my new friends who they let me stop and sniff. I even have my very own spot in the backyard just for my sunbathing time.

I only have one complaint that I would like to file with you immediately. My sister, Ellie (aka: kitty, kitty), is very snooty! She prances around my house like she owns it! I really want to be her friend, but she outright refuses to play with me. Every time I try to get near her, she makes a mean hissing sound. She’s even had the nerve to scratch my beautiful nose!! I have evidence of her horrible behavior…look at the pictures attached.

Other than the mean kitty, my life is pretty good…okay, okay, I’ll admit it I am one spoiled dog!

I can’t wait to start school next week. It turns out that mom knows another couple who have two dogs that are going to the same training classes so I’ll get to meet even more new friends!