Conan Is A Keeper!
Sunday, Feb 27,2011

We found Conan through a link on your website to dogs in local shelters. We actually went there to see another dog but Conan stole our hearts. We knew he was a keeper from the very beginning and could not bare to see him spend another day at the pound.

He’s a young boy and will require a lot of traning over the years to reach his true potential. So far he’s got the sit/stay command down pat and his heel is looking better every day. Our daughter loves him to pieces in spite of the fact that some Barbie dolls were chewed beyond recognition. My favorite shoes died as well. Ah, puppies! I now have to fight him for my favorite chair too. I’m not sure how a dog that large can wedge himself into a wingchair and be comfortable but he’s mastered it. We’ll keep you posted on our adventures. Keep up the amazing work!