Conrad Is A Great Teacher!
Tuesday, Feb 08,2011

I adopted Van Zandt in 2008. Now named Conrad, he is my best buddy and teaches all the pups I bring through here the rules and the ropes with infinite patience. He teaches them that my vacant living room is for rough and tumble in the middle of the night. He shows them where to relieve themselves, and more importantly, their boundaries. He shows them the ins and outs of the doggie door and to chase the trash truck (from inside my fence of course).

Conrad is so patient with the other dogs that come through here. I set the bar for calmness and serenity in my home. He exudes that calmness. He teaches the principals of nap-taking. He is the best dog, and understands everything you say, in fact, why do you need a therapist when you can have Conrad to tell your troubles to? His solutions involve cuddling, scratching and sleeping…off boundaries for a human -led therapy session. Best of all, Conrad led me into continuing to volunteer for GSROC.