Cosmo Gets Her Cast Off!
Thursday, Feb 05,2009

I wanted to wait for Cosmo’s (Clara) cast to come off before I sent some pictures. Her cast came off exactly 10 days ago and today was the first day she was allowed to be herself! I took her to dog beach and she ran and ran and ran and ran some more!! She was so happy to be able to use her leg and chase the sea gulls. I don’t think she had ever had that kind of freedom (or fun) in her entire life!

She doesn’t really need training as she is very good!!!! She comes when called beautifully and knows ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stay’ and ‘speak’ on command as well as the hand signals that go with them. Whenever I take her on my errands or to the pet store we always get compliments on how beautiful and well behaved she is!! She is truly a joy and my family and I am so happy to finally see her happy and using all four feet. She sleeps upstairs in my room, her bed on the floor next to mine, now that her cast is off and she can go up and down the stairs. Every morning 8am sharp is breakfast time. I haven’t needed to set my alarm for at least a week, she always gets me up!

Anyway here are some pictures. I hope to bring her to one of the adoption events for a reunion after she has recovered from her spay and hopefully becomes more easy around strange dogs.

Thank you so much for my angel!!