Daisy (Formerly Elsie) Is Learning The Ropes!
Sunday, May 29,2011

She is such a good little girl. She is doing great. You are right she does love the plants, she loves to roll around in the ground cover. She’s lovin the backyard, lots of critters to watch. I think she is already pickin up stuff from Tino. Today we all went to restaurant I work at, I take care of the plants on the back patio and had some stuff to do there. It’s gated so when we first got there she snooped around a bit then saw Tino just laying there watchin me work, she walked over about 2 ft from him and layed down too. We were there for 2 hours! Her favorite place is on Tino’s bed looking out the glass into the backyard. Everything has been great. She has a great start on her manners, thanks again!